Youth Programs

Our youth programs begin with basic Martial Arts training coupled with Martial Etiquette. We do this as an introduction to the most complicated aspects of Martial Arts. Martial Etiquette teaches the youth respect for school, family, and more importantly, themselves.

The beginning of these programs builds confidence as well as direction. This program leads to self-actualization, focus, and respect self-respect and respect of others.

We teach Child Abduction Prevention which gives the child a blueprint of what to look for and what to stay away from when danger is present. As the children progress in these programs, through martial arts we begin to teach life skills that improve school work and includes both tutoring and mentoring.

Families, in general, have become complacent when it is a matter of what to look for. In this particular stage of the program, we teach the youth (and involve family members) how to locate a potential threat. We teach how to stay away from the threat and more importantly how to eliminate the threat without harm to themselves or people

Small Warriors Program

In the small warrior program, we provide an ethical and safe environment for today’s youth. Our program we instill the virtues that kung fu was established and reinforces that every student shows the tenants of courtesy, focus, honor, integrity, and gratitude while learning to respect the culture and themselves.

Adult Programs

We also offer Adult classes for students, who may just want to get into shape, defend themselves and/or lives healthier lives. We work on your

pace and know that your goals are different and time valuable. Our adult programs are structured with the busy schedule of today’s professional in mind. We have a variety of classes throughout the day. Because we are a full-time professional school we can offer a variety of classes to meet even the tightest schedule. Stress is a primary problem in today’s workforce. Stress reduction has become a necessity that if not taken care of future problems are almost certain to occur. You’ll also find Kung Fu to be a fantastic stress relief.